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Selling Tips

Perhaps the hardest and yet the most important thing to remember about selling your home is that you must remain objective throughout the process. That's why having a REALTOR© represent your interests is so important. He or she will help you arrive at a reasonable asking price based on comparable sales in your area, your neighbourhood, local amenities, and what the 'market' is for your home.

Your REALTOR© will give you an impartial assessment of what factors in your home may deter potential buyers, and how to enhance the unique and most attractive features. Major renovations are only justified if you are sure you will realize a proportionate return on your costs.

Moving is a great time to discard all the unnecessary items that have been accumulating and to start 'fresh'. It also makes the physical move much less stressful, and expensive.

Clearing the clutter is also one of the most important steps to preparing your home for sale...along with showing potential buyers you take pride in your home by keeping it well-maintained. That's what will make them realize it is a place they can feel similarly proud of.

Tips for preparing your home for sale: