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Discover Downtown

Consistently ranked in the top ten most livable cities in the world, Vancouver's sea and mountain setting, and health-conscious lifestyle have drawn people of many diverse cultures from all parts of the world and helped make it a truly world-class city.

Aside from its geographical advantages, what makes Vancouver unique is the result of insightful decision-making on the part of previous town planners. This includes not only the foresight to conserve the lands of our treasured Stanley Park, but a conscious effort to encourage walking and bicycling over motor transport in the downtown areas, development of an efficient transit system and encouragement for developers to create downtown 'neighbourhoods'. There are also a number of areas set aside for recreational cycling and walking as well as natural parkland and waterside areas. Good policing and the work of our Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association have also helped make our city one of the safest and economically viable in the world.

Vancouver's tourist industry has been further enhanced by upgrades of the Cruise Ship Terminal and aggressive marketing campaigns aimed at establishing our City as a Cruise Ship destination. Similarly, money has been spent to ensure our commercial Port facilities remain competitive. There is also a strong IT industry in Vancouver, a number of community and arts colleges as well as the internationally-recognized University of British Columbia. Because there is little manufacturing, we enjoy a consistently better air quality than many large cities.

The neighbourhoods of Vancouver are many - and diverse in as many ways. There are the stately and established apartment buildings of the West End - enviable for its location next to Stanley Park and fronted by the beach at English Bay. Moving closer to the Downtown areas, a new development affording wonderful views of the Burrard Inlet called Coal Harbour is a mix of rental and condominium development while further still we come to Vancouver's hottest new area - Yaletown with its trendy restaurants and boutiques. Condominium and townhouse development through the downtown areas has been dramatic in the past few years and there are styles to suit just about any taste - from techno-contemporary to stately and conservative.

The advantages of living near Downtown are many - particularly if you are able to walk to work or are within an easy commute. Vancouver's arts and entertainment venues attract top performers, we have a national hockey and football team, Robson Street shopping (our Rodeo Drive), a prestigious Jazz Festival and a number of ethnic celebrations that include the colourful Dragon Boat Festival. Shoppers can find everything from exotic herbs in the markets of Chinatown, to exquisite silk Saris in East Indian shops, wonderful Italian cuisine in the Commercial Drive district - and the fresh and delicious comestibles available at the Granville Island Market. Vancouver truly is a place for everyone.

As property values have risen, some areas that were once less desirable have become more sought-after - homes have been refurbished or replaced with new construction. Mixed residential/retail developments are bringing in new people and new commerce which is breathing new life into areas like Mount Pleasant and the Hastings Corridor. There is now virtually nowhere in Vancouver where buying property would be a bad investment...which makes finding your next home such an adventure!

For more information about Vancouver, visit www.vancouver.com